About Us

A Candy Store Like No Other

We are passionate

Sugar Shack Confectionery brings a vibrant & passionate take on the traditional lolly shop!
We create traditional style candy, but with some modern and unique twists

We are flavour

Sugar Shack confectionery specialises in creating handmade rock candy, candy straps and lollipops.
With over 80 different varieties BUSRTING with flavour, flavour that excites!
We have something for everyone.

We are inspired

Do you remember the candy your Nanna gave you? We do!
Our inspiration comes from these special little moments.
Sugar Shack was created to bring back that little bit of magic to everyone’s day through our candy.

We are family

Sugar Shack Confectionery is a family, our family!
We are a family owned and operated business based on the Mornington Peninsula.
We are committed to providing the best candy and experiences , so you will always find one of the Sugar Shack family when you buy our products.